Original shisha in Bucharest
Ganesha Caffe Primaverii invites you to test the original taste of the shisha that the Orient has been developing for almost half a century. Enjoy a shisha with a challenging taste in Bucharest, at the newest Ganesha venue from Primaverii area.

Enjoy the best sisha flavours

An aromatic hookah is not only smoked, but is enjoyed at Ganesha Caffe Primaverii as a unique experience of the most intense spices. Shisha is a tradition in itself, preserved for almost half a century by the civilizations of Orient. For this reason, hookah is and will always be a social experience, but also an extremely broad umbrella extended over the traditions, labels and other aspects that make up a culture.

Today, as the wave of this culture spreads in several European countries, the hookah begins to wear new labels. To smoke the hookah means to show a maturity of tastes and senses, to appreciate the fine aromas and the premium quality of the spices specific to the Orient. In short, it means daring new experiences in a venue from Primaverii where originality, luxury flavors and oriental culture make time stand still.

Also, because it synthesizes a lot of traditions and customs, shisha is not smoked in any way, but just as assumed. Even if you come to smoke a shisha in Primaverii or in a local country of origin, the label is the same. Usually, the person who installs the hookah is also the first to smoke. It is followed by the one who maintains the charcoal, according to clockwise direction. But let's not forget the basic rule: always enjoy the flavors when smoking a shisha.

Because it loves originality, Ganesha Caffe proposes you a new shisha concept that you can customize as you wish. This lounge bar from Primaverii will challenge you to discover the intense flavors that only a Shisha Original can offer through bold combinations of luxury drinks such as rum, gin, vodka or whiskey. The options also include fruits, from seasonal to exotic ones, highlighted by a fresh touch of mint or citrus.

You will always enjoy the best shisha from Primaverii at Ganesha Caffe, as we offer you every time new taste experiences through the flavors rich in freshness and perfume. Here you can create your own hookah with Ice Hose in orange, pineapple or grapefruit head, for a very special taste. In addition, for every Shisha including the Original or XXL smoked here you have an unlimited number of coals.

Enjoy an oriental shisha in Primaverii, at Ganesha Lounge Bar

You can enjoy a shisha with friends, business partners or as part of getting out of the rut. Whatever the reason you come to Ganesha Caffe Primaverii, you will enjoy a special experience, in a completely unique setting in Bucharest. The deity Ganesha inspires this lounge bar in Bucharest with a magnetic and inviting vibe. It is the consequence of the oriental decorations specially chosen to give life to this place which, although located in an exclusive area, manages to maintain the original standards of the Orient.

If you want to enjoy the best shisha in Bucharest, we expect you at Ganesha Caffe Primaverii, a charming lounge bar in the heart of the Capital. Dare to release imagination through a variety of flavors and unique taste combinations. Shisha Original, the newest hookah model in the world, is waiting for you here with a lot of facilities that you and your friends will enjoy every time.