Drinks inspired by oriental culture at Ganesha Caffe Primvareii
Ganesha Caffe offers you a varied selection of hot and cold drinks, masterfully prepared by our employees, specialized in preparing highly flavored Arabic drinks.

Aromas and the unmatched tastes

The aromas and the unmatched taste of Arabic drinks are transposed into the varied menu of Ganesha Caffe Primaverii for you to enjoy a perfect oriental experience. Such drinks are ideal for relaxing moments with friends or family members, but can also be consumed during a business meeting. In this way, the north of the capital becomes the center where Arab traditions and culture meets with modernism to give flavor to special drinks.

The taste of Ganesha drinks captivates the senses and captures the essence of the best ingredients. The varied menu covers a wide range of coffees with Arabic specific, hot and cold drinks, alcoholic or non-alcoholic, so that every specific taste is satisfied and anyone who passes the threshold of the cafe can order their favorite drink to enjoy in peace, in an idyllic and exclusive atmosphere, ideal for relaxation.

Each drink available in the menu is made from ingredients of oriental origin, prepared according to ancient recipes and served in a lush environmental setting. The staff of Ganesha Caffe Primaverii is trained to carefully prepare each drink ordered so that the flavors blend perfectly, and the tea, coffee or lemonade ordered to reflect the traditionalism and the particularities of the Arab culture.

The ingredients used are especially imported for the Ganesha Caffe chain because professionalism and uniqueness are key elements of this cafe. Thus, customers have the guarantee that they will serve unique drinks, with an intense and strongly aromatic taste, prepared from premium quality ingredients. Regardless of the drink chosen from the menu, customers will have the opportunity to know elements of oriental origin serving exceptional drinks.

What hot drinks you can serve at Ganesha Caffe Primaverii

The hot drinks from the Ganesha menu are perfect for lovers of sweet flavors, or for those who want to warm up on a chilly day. The tastes accentuate the relaxing atmosphere and blend together to create a complete experience for the taste buds. The moments of relaxation thus become pampering sessions, accompanied by refined drinks with complex origins and stories transmitted from generation to generation.

You can order from the menu of Ganesha Caffe Primaverii hot drinks such as tea or coffee, in a variety of flavors and textures, to the taste of each of you. The teas range involves a wide range of fruit teas, from herbs and of course, Arabic flavored teas, made from ingredients originating in the Orient. The coffee preparation is high in the art rank, it can be served in Turkish style, in the coffee pot, for intensifying the aromas and the special taste.

What cold drinks you can serve for a full oriental experience

Serving a cold drink at Ganesha Caffe prices means choosing from a variety of options, tailored to different tastes and preferences. The menu covers the range of milkshakes, cocktails, lemonades, as well as alcoholic beverages such as beer, cider, rum, vodka, whiskey and more. All this special palette of drinks completes the role of the location, being a perfect place for a meeting with loved ones after a tiring and tiring day.

These drinks are meant not only to quench the thirst but to offer customers an important part of the oriental traditions, through the use of highly admired ingredients. Each flavor aims to increase the intensity and reflect the unique character of the Arabian drinks, while the taste exceeds any expectations and perfectly complements the image of the traditional coffee, meant to offer customers distinct dishes, with explosive and delicious characteristics.

In addition to the cold drinks, rich in aromas and pungent smells that ideally reflect the oriental culture, you can also serve Ganesha branded drinks such as iced coffee, chai latte, Rukmini frappe, or Ganesha Tea. The service is accompanied by a soothing atmosphere, obtained through a perfect mix of carefully selected decoration elements, varied menu, qualified staff, and unique ingredients.