Ganesha Caffe


Our coffee shop

We offer unforgettable experiences

Exclusive Drinks

Special moments require an exclusive drink of the finest ingredients.

Special Moments

The special moments are now beautifully created in an exclusive place with the oriental theme.

Varied Menu

We spruced the menu with alcoholic and non-alcoholic cocktails, teas and coffee-based drinks.

High Quality

The quality to the highest standards is the foundation that led to the formation of this lounge bar.

Why Ganesha

Tastes inspired by the gods

In this oriental cafe on Primaverii Boulevard, the god with a homonym name of the same name, Ganesha, feels more present than ever through every detail that helps to compose the whole picture. Walking in the lounge bar Ganesha Caffe in Primaverii boulevard, the chaos in Bucharest will disappear and make room for another world, another culture, visually composed through a broken decoration as if from a book with Oriental stories through the multitude of decorative objects painted in vivid colors that carry the emblematic symbol of the Ganesha god. The decorative richness sprinkled with countless oriental stylistic artifacts is accompanied by Oriental music, meant to give a warm voice to the whole story and to instill a soothing and relaxing atmosphere. But the picture would not take shape if the drinks menu and the shisha menu were not peppered with ingredients brought from the Middle East.

Our Story

What does Ganesha represent


The concept of Ganesha Caffe was inspired by the powerful mantra of the god Ganesha - wisdom, spirituality, power to overcome obstacles, power to face fears and finally to achieve success.


Our Customer Says

Ganesha Caffe has become a second home for me because it is a place where I find myself every time and always come with my friends. Here we have privacy, we can relax and tell without feeling that we are constrained, and the drinks with the shisha are always of the best quality.

Mihai PopescuCustomer

I like Ganesha Caffe very much because the staff is very well trained, very polite and responds promptly to every request we have. Besides this, the drinks, especially the teas, are special, aromatic and intense, and the aromas for the shisha are exceptional and comforting.

Andrei MoraruDirector

The drinks are exceptional, aromatic, balanced as intensity, and their price is very good. Besides the drinks, the decor is absolutely amazing, everything looks impeccable and especially it is always clean. The staff is also very well trained, the waiters are always very friendly and work very fast!

Magda MalaianuDesigner

I came here at the insistence of a friend and since then I always come because it is a unique place. The decor is absolutely spectacular, and the color chosen takes you out of monotony and fills you with energy, here is clearly not the place to be sad. In addition to this, the staff is always very friendly and nice.

Mihaela JurcaManager

Unique experience

Ganesha, the cafe in Bucharest for the soul

The boulevards of Bucharest bring with them the nostalgia of the long past time. There are so many coffee shops that seem to have wiped out the historical breath of what used to be called "Little Paris" and brought the cold and oppressive modernism. But, on Spring Boulevard, a pungent smell of shisha, aromatic teas and freshly ground coffee beans is felt from a completely separate cafe, which, although it has not preserved the old time of Bucharest, has preserved the past of the Middle East. This particular scent coffee shop is now the new lounge bar Ganesha Caffe.

The Ganesha Caffe Lounge bar is sprung from the Hindu god Ganesha, both through its vibrant and colorful decor and carefully crafted drinks menu. Drinks that proudly carry the carefully preserved Oriental taste are felt from the entrance to the café through the aromatic and dense steam that it leaves behind as a certificate of authenticity. The stars of the menu drinks of the new Lounge Bar Ganesha Caffe in Primaverii boulevard are the tea and coffee because their aroma is what teleports mind and soul into the story of Ganesha.

The varied range of teas, coffee drinks, alcoholic and non-alcoholic cocktails may seem to make it difficult to choose the perfect drink, but each drink is strained to instill a state, a thought or a living. The first contact with these drinks is made visually, so they are decorated with great skill by two hands devil who put passion to create a stunning look. Then, the intoxicating and powerful smell hits the nostrils in a waltz of intense aromas. Finally, tasting the drink is the last step that does not disappoint, but creates the desire to taste until the last drop.

Ganesha coffee drinks are not designed to be breathless, but are designed to be enjoyed to the last bite with the same intensity as the first. The whole process of savoring drinks in this atypical setting of Bucharest, produces a magnetism at the level of the senses and spirituality. Finding spirituality in this place designed with so much skill and attention to every detail is the key that guides the whole concept of the new lounge bar on Primaverii Boulevard.

Special aromas

Ganesha, lounge bar with an intense smell of shisha

The Ganesha Lounge bar not only offers an image from the Bucharest daily through the sophisticated decor and the chosen color, but it also offers that feeling of belonging and comfort. Voluminous colorful sofas sprinkled with plenty of Oriental pillows in various sizes and shapes, provide a warm, comfortable space for relaxation and relaxation. Beside the stylish sofa and round tables, the shisha makes its presence felt by its opulent appearance, stylized in strong colors, so as to integrate it into the Ganesha story.

Shisha is a representative symbol of Middle East culture, and its roots have been ground for more than 400 years, so bringing it into this Primaverii coffee shop has become a key point of the Ganesha story. Wanting to keep the secret of shisha so as to provide that authentic taste and feeling to every passerby lured by the intense smell of shisha, shisha in the Ganesha lounge bar had to go across seas and countries to reach our countries in the best condition.

But the shisha is worth nothing if its aroma is not strong and vibrant. Thus, the dogmas of the best shisha preparation were learned from father to son and came to Ganesha Caffe, and the main secret for preparing the best shisha in Bucharest is the authentic flavor used. The aroma is aroused by the hot coal, and the steam begins to emerge with each strong breath like a spirit from the lamp, so that the whole frame turns into an unspoken, but intensely lived secret.

Shisha becomes a true confidant by each breath and makes the whole space intimate, comfortable and good for relaxation, so that the best stories and the greatest secrets kept by the soul are told in a glass of black tea and an intense shisha with fruity, alcoholic or cold aromas. The shisha is the one who creates the friends, and each shisha at the Ganesha cafe on the Primaverii Boulevard is the one who capsules the time, causing his passing not to be felt.